BEAT, the Bacon Endive Avocado Tomato sandwich


This to me is what growing your own produce is all about; we had some nice bacon left over the other day, and it was so easy to put together a great little sandwich for lunch with local, home baked, and home grown produce. The fresh endive and four different kinds of tomato really made it for taste and visual appeal. Instead of the BLT, here is the BEAT, delicious on home baked sourdough.


The BEAT; bacon, endive, avocado and four types of tomato, dressed with a little olive oil and seasoning. Yum!


Even though it’s Winter here, we always have plenty of cherry tomatoes, which grow by themselves in random places. The greenhouse and aquaponics system also allows us to grow a variety of other tomato types which look and taste great in a salad. I love the combination of colours and shapes, and the flavour of tomato cultivars also really differs.

In the kitchen today we had ‘Green Zebra’, an old favourite now, as well as ‘Thai Pink Egg’, a bit of a staple as it bears steadily over long periods. Finishing up the four were a few Mayan Egg tomatoes with their solid orange colour and unusual flavour, and some of our dark tomatoes.


The endive was straight from the garden, and makes a great standby through the cooler months. It can be picked anytime without risk of bolting and is just as good as lettuce.


Finally the creamy part of the sandwiches came from some gorgeous local Reed avocados, which we pick up from a roadside honour box. The quality is so good they almost taste like scrambled eggs.


And of course there is always some home baked sourdough to toast up as the base.

Put together they are an unbeatable lunch combo, and a triumph of locavore eating (even the bacon is local).